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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kaviza with Citrix HDX Eliminates all 3 roadblocks to VDI

Today we announced that Kaviza has obtained a license to resell the Citrix HDX technologies.  With this, Kaviza now addresses all three roadblocks to virtual desktops: cost, complexity, and user experience.

The upcoming Version 3.0 release, which will be available in beta by the end of May, will include an add-on to run virtual desktops with Citrix HDX. 

We are very excited to make this announcement because we now offer unparalleled value to customers - simple, affordable, turnkey virtual desktops with rich optimized user experience for less than the cost of a PC! No one else can provide this.  Virtual desktops are now a truly viable alternative to PCs - Kaviza makes virtual desktops less expensive to buy, less expensive to operate and same or better performance as PCs.

How can you say no to that?  Let us know if you would like to try the Version 3.0 Beta.


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