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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why VDI will take off in 2010: is it about servers or desktops?

I was recently asked by CRN magazine to comment on whether I agreed with VMware that VDI is poised to take off in 2010.  I said yes, but for different reasons than VMware. You can read the article here.

As a server virtualization vendor, VMware sees VDI as an extension to server consolidation, which is why they believe VDI will be driven by companies that have already adopted virtualization.

But we see a much larger opportunity for VDI - it addresses a desktop problem that every desktop IT administrator is interested in solving, assuming they can make the math work.  Desktop IT wants to address the operational headaches and cost of managing PCs, but they need to solve this problem within their existing desktop budgets.  They are driving the agenda for VDI, and its not about datacenter consolidation.  With new architectures like ours making VDI less expensive to acquire than PCs, desktop IT can now use virtual desktops as an alternative to refreshing PCs, an option that didn't exist a year ago.

We believe this is the driving force that will make VDI attainable for everyone, and will drive an upswell in adoption.  We are definitely seeing this, and we look forward to an exciting 2010!

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