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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year! Watch Kaviza on DABCC


 Happy New Year! We hope 2010 is a joyous and prosperous year for everyone!

The amazing thing in our global economy is how truly "around the clock" things are these days.  To give you an example, virtualization guru Doug Brown posted a videocast on Kaviza and a podcast interview, both on December 21, 2009.  As a VDI expert, Doug completely "gets" the value of simplicity and affordability - I had a wonderful time recording these sessions with him, and we had a long conversation offline chatting about the space afterwards.

Anyway, expecting things to be slow during the holidays, I thought I would wait until this week to blog about it.  As it turns out, we received a bunch of downloads on our site the last two weeks from all around the world.  I guess the quiet holiday time is a good occasion for folks to try out new products!

Speaking of which, we just released our latest version with support for Windows 7, a gateway for secure SSL-based remote access, and a standalone Java client.  Try it out if you get a chance, and tell us what you think!

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