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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wall Street Journal says desktop virtualization hot, but costs remain a barrier to adoption

Today's Wall Street Journal had a nice article on the growing customer interest in virtual desktops.  It did a great job of summarizing the key benefits of virtual desktops: lower PC operating & management costs, better security, and lower power consumption.  Gartner was quoted as saying, "desktop virtualization is the hottest trend among our customers".

All of this is wonderful, and very exciting. And, we completely agree.  But...ok, you didn't really expect there to be no 'but', did you?... the article went on to say that adoption is still largely at the pilot stages.  Why?  Cost was cited as the reason:

"Vendors say customers won't save much initially buying thin clients instead of PCs because they still have to buy just as many software licenses and need to spend more for servers and storage. The biggest savings for most companies come in ongoing operating costs." 

This is extremely interesting - because you have the current VDI vendors themselves acknowledging that upfront costs are a barrier to VDI adoption.

This is exactly the reason why we started Kaviza.  With Kaviza, you get all the benefits of desktop virtualization at a cost of under $500/desktop - this includes all the software licenses, servers and storage you need to run that desktop.   And, there are no real minimums to buy.

With quick-time-to-value added to all the other benefits of desktop virtualization, we believe we have a killer solution.  Try it out and let us know if you agree.


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