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Friday, July 24, 2009

Kaviza launches Beta of Multi-Box High Availability Release

Today is an exciting day for us at Kaviza. We launched a beta  of our multi-box virtual desktop appliance which offers built-in high availability. 

You can setup a highly available farm of virtual desktop servers by simply loading Kaviza on two or more commodity servers and linking them together.  It is truly that simple - no custom coding, no expensive SAN's, high speed interconnects, or high end servers are needed.  Our entire solution can be setup from scratch in under three hours.  With Kaviza's unique shared-nothing, Google-esque architecture, you get a highly scalable solution at a very low cost.  There is no single point of failure, and features like high-availability are built-in.

And the best part is that our virtual desktops cost less than a PC to deploy - our fully loaded cost (including the server, our software, MS, the hypervisor, and other licenses, thin client) is cheaper than a PC.

We are encouraged by the response we are getting from early trial users on this release. Here is some feedback we have received from beta partners and customers:

"Now I see why you say it's "turnkey". We got the whole thing up and running on multiple servers in just a few hours."

"Neat architecture, solves the fundamental awkardness with VDI."

"My team is raving about your solution."

You can either download a free trial of our single box version here, or register here if you would like to try the multi-box version.  We would love to get your feedback, let us know what you think!

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