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Monday, July 20, 2009

Brian Madden: Kaviza a desktop virtualization vendor you don't know, but should

Virtualization guru and blogger, Brian Madden, has written an interesting article on new innovations in the virtual desktop space and highlights Kaviza as an emerging player you should know. Here is an excerpt:

"Kaviza isĀ another software company who says "VDI is too complex." You need your VMs, a connection broker, a web interface, load balancers, databases, etc. And if any one of those components fails, then your whole environment goes down.

Kaviza installs natively on server hardware, building on top of the free embedded ESXi, to create a virtual "grid" that supplies VDI desktops. You can start with a single server and their solution can start serving desktops right out of the box. But they really shine when you add more than one server. You can add additional servers just by loading the Kaviza software and pointing them to the existing grid. The Kaviza system figures out everything else. They ensure everything is redundant, and they build as much of all the components that you need. When you run out of capacity, just buy another server with ESXi on it, install the Kaviza virtual appliance and stand back -- the grid auto-magically grows and configures itself."

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